* Search friends, dates, stores, business networking, events, on a map based on affinities.

* Imagine...... knowing that you have important commonalities with someone BEFORE you even meet.

  Now meeting can be intentional.

* What do you want to achieve in life? A mentor is right down the street. Connect for lunch.

* Blind dates are exhausting and expensive. Know she shares your values before the first message.

* Your group has a privacy sensitive goals.

  Private keywords and Natural Message an encrypted shard messaging service are on your side.

* You want to be part of the growing agorist economy. Find others to form a trade group with.

* Now it is possible to "find your kind" and feel real belonging!. They are closer than you think.





* There is an amazing woman that is a match for you 10 minutes away

* There is a potential business partner 5 minutes away

* There is a new store owned by someone who shares your values

* There is a concert this weekend that is your type of music

* There are 5 mountain bikers on your street to show you the trails

* Intentional connections become like a new family.